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Message from The Staff

The Wolverine Den is more an atmosphere than a place. Those who regularly attend Saturday afternoons on Snyder Avenue (or the traveling Den at away games) quickly embrace the camaraderie. Those who arrive for the first time quickly understand they are welcome to return at will. Michigan Fans and opposing fans alike are welcome to share our fall weekend distraction. Even a fan wearing Ohio State gear to a Purdue - Michigan game was once offered a friendly beverage with respect to our differing opinions (you are welcome back anytime, Karen). Whether it's the exciting morning before kickoff or the relaxing sundown after the final seconds, friends and friends of friends gather around the fire (or bar or video games or the food), to share common memories.

Do not be surprised to be offered fine fare (hamburgers and hot dogs are not our usual style) and fine drink, the only rule is to not be shy. Check the website the following week and find who the Den Photographers have caught smiling or click on a recorded notable quotation for all to hear. We will sum up last week's game, preview the next contest (and menu), and share the faces from last week. See you on Saturday!

The Wolverine Den History

Den Soundoff

The Victors

All-Time Attendance (2007-2017)

Total attendance: 11,154
Home: 9,021
Away: 1,839
Spring Game: 294
Pictures capturing the evidence: 3,904

First Tailgate

October 13, 1990
Michigan State @ Michigan
UM Golf Course
Craig, Steve, Holly, Autumn, Cameron
UM 27 - MSU 28

First Away Game Tailgate

November 19, 1994
Michigan @ Ohio State
St. John's Arena
Craig, Steve
UM 6 - OSU 22

Most Attended Tailgate

September 10, 2011
Notre Dame @ Michigan
The Wolverine Den
308 people
8 pm start, first Michigan Stadium night game
UM 35 - ND 31

Yellow Lot

1992 - 1994
Crisler Arena lot (now part of the Blue Lot)

Green Lot

1995 - 1998
UM Golf Course paved lot

Home Game Trivia

Who redecorated their house with Grape Pucker?
Who rode their bike in the snow to our M Victory Party?
How does Tim Qualls remember how many beers he's had?
Who guards the gate at the Green Lot?
Who said "if I can't go blue, can I go maize"?
Who slept in the Pathfinder during the 1994 Penn State game?

Away Game Trivia

Who said "gimme a belt"?
How much did a Michigan brick cost in Columbus at the 1998 game?
Who drives toward Pittsburgh to get to Happy Valley?
Who has been to the most away games with Steve & Craig?

Bowl Game Trivia

Who said "have you seen my Porsche"?
What's the quickest way to get to the Rose Bowl?
How tall was our flagpole at the 1998 Rose Bowl?
Where do you find a grill on New Years Eve in LA?
Who partied with Steve, Craig and Brian before the Citrus Bowl?
What did Steve & Craig lose at the Citrus Bowl?

Steve's Favorite Memories

1995 Virginia tailgate (boy, was that a hot one)
1997 Michigan State Woodson interception
1997 Penn State halftime (#4 UM beating #2 PSU 24-0)
1998 Rose Bowl Victory (UM 21 - WSU 16)
Confetti from NUBS for home games (during college)

Craig's Favorite Memories

1969 Ohio State - watching it in our den
1979 Indiana (in Keith's section behind Rick Leach)
1996 Ohio State - beating the undefeated Buckeyes in Columbus
1997 Ohio State - being on the field after the game (I still have the turf)
1998 Iowa - sitting on the field
A.C.'s catch with 6 seconds left

Tim's Favorite Memories

Listening to Bob Ufer while vacuuming the pool as a teenager
Surprising Steve at Indiana in 1995
Wearing the helmet into the horseshoe (OSU) in 1996 (quite the fun magnet)
Shaving our beards after the 1998 Rose Bowl Victory
OT Victory over Shaun Alexander & Alabama in 1999 Orange Bowl

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